Progressive Education
for Children in Preschool
through 8th Grade

We’re committed to intellectually challenging education that develops children’s capacities for creative problem-solving, collaboration, and disciplined research; cultivates the respectful exchange of ideas; and brings meaning and joy to learning.


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Dr. Derek Cabrera: How Thinking Works

Dr. Derek Cabrera is an internationally recognized expert in metacognition (thinking about thinking), epistemology (the study of knowledge), human and organizational learning, and education. He completed his PhD and post doctoral studies at Cornell University and served as faculty at Cornell and researcher at the Santa Fe Institute. He leads the Cabrera Research Lab, is the author of five books, numerous journal articles, and a US patent. Derek discovered DSRP Theory (the 4 conceptual patterns in systems thinking: distinctions; systems; relationships; perspectives) and in this talk he explains its benefits and the imperative for making it part of every students' life.



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