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The Sabot at Stony Point Parents' Association fosters development of the school community. We help families make social connections, act as liaison to the administration, and support the school as well as each other. We strive to enhance communication and collaboration between all members of our community, and to provide a richer experience for everyone.

The PA welcomes your contribution of time, talent, and interest, and encourages each parent to volunteer for one or more of its committees, which include: Auction, Room Parents, Community Cares and Concerns, Fall Hoedown, Small Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Campus Cleanup, and Teacher Appreciation.  Please contact the PA leadership to get involved, and please sign up to help out when you receive a request for volunteers.

For further information about PA events and activities for the current academic year please check the calendar section of the website. Do you have an idea, a suggestion, a question or a comment for the PA? We invite you to email us any time at:


2013 - 2014 Officers:

President: Shannon Hyatt

Vice-President: Jenn Lauranzon

Treasurer: Cass Meagher

Secretary: Corey Delaney

2013 - 2014 Committee Chairs:

Room Parent Coordinator: Courtney Glaze
Star Parenting Coordinator: Kristy Rose

Community Cares & Concerns: Rosemary Sabatino

Small Fundraising: Jen Wasik

Auction Co-Chairs: Rai Anne Larkins and Jess Lucia

Campus Cleanup Co-Chairs: Stan Roberts and Nathan Hanger

Ice Cream Social: Tiffany Ferreira

Fall Hoedown Co-Chairs: Angela Woodford & Heather Paoloni

Teacher Appreciation: Deanna Manton

Middle School Social Activities Co-Chairs: Mary Boyes and Mary Driebe