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Click here to REGISTER for classes


  • If your child is not a Sabot student, click here for additional registration forms.
  • Registration deadline is the Monday before the start of any class. Late registration may not be accommodated.
  • Classes will not meet when school is not in session.
  • Each class has a minimum & maximum capacity. If a class does not meet minimum participation by the registration deadline, it will be canceled and any fees paid will be refunded. Registrants will be notified of cancellation by the Tuesday before the first class.
  • Fees are non-refundable unless Beyond the Classroom cancels a class.
  • Space is reserved for a class once registration and payment are received.
  • Classes may not be switched once registration is complete. Be sure to mark your calendar.
  • Parents are expected to pick up children at the end of the class time. Please be prompt.

Welcome to Sabot at Stony Point’s Fall 2015 Beyond the Classroom Program!

Please use the links at left (grouped by school level or category) to browse the activities available.

Beyond the Classroom offers an array of extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for children and adults to delve deeper into particular interests, dabble in unfamiliar techniques or pastimes, and embark on entirely new ventures. Each semester, we include some extended multi- session activities offering a chance for sustained engagement, as well as shorter workshops to try something new. Our Beyond the Classroom program is open to all children in the Richmond area, whether enrolled at Sabot or elsewhere.

Our approach to engaging young people in learning is known for the time and attention given to investigative research. But for some of us, there is never enough time to pursue our passions or to explore the promise of new ones. Giving children and families time beyond the classroom complements the daily work of our learning community. You will recognize our approach in these offerings: skills and materials serve investigation, thought-provoking experiences deserve time and follow-up, and experts and teachers elevate the intentions of students.