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Andrea PierottiKindergarten

Andrea was drawn to Sabot at Stony Point by the school’s respect for children’s interests and ideas, by the opportunities for students to make connections between subjects and disciplines, and by...Read More

Cheri WolffKindergarten
Read More
Elisabeth Tam1st Grade

We first met Elisabeth in 2012, when she was completing her Master’s degree in Education and was preparing to move with her family back to Virginia. That first move landed the Tams in Northern...Read More

Stephanie Matysek-Snyder1st Grade

Stephanie discovered Sabot when relocating to Richmond in 2012 and was energized and inspired while attending Sabot’s Personal Pathways and Paradigms Institute. She identifies with the...Read More

Jennifer Rho2nd Grade

Jen Rho is not new to our school, but she is new to her role as a lower school teacher. For the last 20 years, Jen has been composing her teaching career, starting as an assistant in a 2nd Grade...Read More

Kathryn Adams2nd Grade

Kathryn and her family have recently re-located to Richmond from Los Angeles, where Kathryn spent the last 10 years teaching in both charter and independent school programs. Kathryn’s most recent...Read More

Christine Mingus3rd Grade

Christine came to us as a student teacher in our kindergarten classrooms in early 2012 and was lead teacher in our first-grade class from Fall 2012 - Spring 2016. This year, Christine moves to...Read More

Nicole Davis3rd Grade

Nicole is a rare example of an educator whose passion for student-led learning stems from her own experience as a learner. As a graduate student at Goddard College, Nicole lived, first hand, the...Read More

Melanie Nan4th Grade

Melanie has been a career teacher for 21 years, and she joined Sabot at Stony Point's faculty in 2010. She earned her undergraduate degree in education in England, her Master’s in Education at the...Read More

Shannon Lauer4th Grade
Assistant Teacher

Shannon is a Sabot parent (Emery, a seventh grader, and Jack, a recent graduate who is now at Trinity Episcopal High School). She has been a preferred substitute teacher in the Lower School for...Read More

Marla Wilson5th Grade

Marla is fascinated by virtually all subjects, but she is particularly dedicated to helping her students become thoughtful and engaged readers and writers. She is an expert on the canon of...Read More

Kristin Switzer5th Grade
Assistant Teacher

Kristin is a Sabot parent (Noah, fourth grade, and Luke, second grade). She has been a preferred substitute teacher in the Lower School for the past three years and was a long-term substitute in...Read More