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What Are People Saying About Sabot?
"Sabot at Stony Point is a wonderful community that is truly infused with the spirit of exploration and enthusiasm for learning. In all my years of education, I have never spoken to students who say what they want most out of their school is a longer school day so they can do more investigations and research. The enthusiasm of the student body is one of many proof points that what Sabot is doing in Richmond is really remarkable."
- Doris Cottam, retired Head of Langley School in McLean, VA, and chair of Sabot's VAIS Initial Accreditation Team

“Sabot at Stony Point is a relatively young school but has made great strides since it was founded. Parents can be sure that when choosing a VAIS-accredited school for their children that the school has been through an intense period of self-reflection and evaluation which strengthens their curriculum and academic programs. Sabot at Stony Point is the first progressive constructivist school we have accredited in the metro-Richmond area and provides an excellent option for Richmond families seeking a superior education for their children.”
- Sally Boese, retired Executive Director of VAIS

Enrollment and Class Size
For the 2016-2017 academic year, 40 students are enrolled in our preschool, 101 are enrolled in our Lower School, and 49 in our Middle School. The student-teacher ratio in the preschool is about 7:1; while Lower and Middle School class sizes range from 12 - 18 students on average.

Our faculty are exceptionally well-qualified and dedicated, and they bring a range of backgrounds and expertise to their teaching. Sixty percent of our faculty members hold advanced degrees in education, the arts, and other fields. Their commitment to education is evident in their record of publication, participation in conferences, and their many years of teaching experience.

Our Campus
Sabot at Stony Point is situated on the former Larus family estate, with grounds and buildings of considerable historic and architectural interest. The property sits at one of the highest elevations in the city of Richmond, and its Gillette garden is one of the most significant walled gardens in the state of Virginia.

We have plans to expand our facilities to accommodate our growing student body. The first phase, completed in Spring 2012, is a commons building which includes new classroom space. Phase two will include state-of-the-art classroom space and an art studio. Further plans call for construction of additional classroom buildings and several auxiliary buildings over the next decade, as well as renovation and restoration of the historic buildings and gardens.

Community-Building Activities
Throughout the year, our Parents' Association sponsors events such as the Fall Hoedown and Flourish, our annual auction. Our directors, faculty, and guest speakers periodically give community-wide presentations on topics relating to child development, educational best practice, and new directions in the curriculum.

Sabot at Stony Point seeks to provide a welcoming and respectful environment for the students and families in our community, who represent a range of racial, ethnic, religious, occupational, and socio-economic backgrounds. Students of color make up 16% of our student body, and approximately 26% of students receive need-based financial aid.

School Governance and Parent Involvement
Sabot at Stony Point is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of parents and community professionals. The Parents' Association offers an important avenue for parents to participate in the life of the school. In addition, parents assist the school on a volunteer basis in a variety of roles, with some parents extensively involved in the program.