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Our admissions process is intended to help you to become familiar with our educational approach and to allow us to come to know your child as a learner and an individual. Knowing that no program can be a perfect match for every child, we work together with parents to determine whether our program is right for your child and family.

Does our program incorporate the academic values and educational environment you seek for your child? Is there a fit between our approach and your child as a learner? Our admissions process is structured around a series of steps and events designed to help answer these questions, and our admissions decision is based upon our assessment of the match between your child and our program. Other considerations that necessarily enter into the admissions decision are the availability of space in the program and the balance of gender dynamics in the classrooms.

Is our program a match for you?

As a first step for parents interested in our programs, we offer parent information sessions during the fall months. These sessions help parents to become acquainted with our philosophy and approach so that they can make an informed decision about our school. The sessions also provide opportunities for parents to see some of the classrooms, to talk with current parents, and, when possible, to tour the campus.

During the weeks after the orientation, parents may arrange to meet with admissions staff to discuss specific concerns.

The next step is submission of the application and related forms, which should be done during the fall months. After the application has been submitted, test results (for Lower and Middle School applicants) should also be submitted.

Is our program a match for your child? 

Once the application has been received, our admissions office will schedule an initial visit to the school (a small group visit for prospective Preschool and Kindergarten students and their parents, and a classroom visit for applicants to First through Eighth Grade). This is an opportunity for children to experience the life of the classroom, and for our admissions staff and faculty to begin to understand your child as an individual and a learner. This visit also provides an important opportunity for parents and our admissions staff to evaluate the match between your child and our educational approach.

Differences in Admissions Processes

Please note that there are some differences between the admissions processes for the Preschool, the Lower School (Kindergarten through Fifth Grade), and the Middle School (Sixth through Eighth Grade). Be sure to read the appropriate section for your child’s school level, and consult the accompanying calendars for dates and deadlines.

It is the policy of Sabot at Stony Point to admit students and to administer financial aid without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.