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Our Mission: Sabot at Stony Point is a school designed to sustain children's quest for meaning and understanding, harness the power of their theories and ideas, and guide their inquiry and research. In an environment that supports collaboration and respectful exchange, we challenge our students to become effective communicators and disciplined thinkers, capable of solving problems in our increasingly complex world.

Sabot at Stony Point is an independent school educating children in Preschool (ages 2 1/2 to 5), Lower School (Kindergarten through Fifth Grade) and Middle School (Sixth through Eighth Grade).

We offer a purposeful, intellectually rigorous curriculum that cultivates a spirit of inquiry and a life-long love of learning.

Statement of Philosophy
We believe that when education nurtures students’ innate motivation to learn and provides tools and strategies for research, it equips them to acquire information independently, to think imaginatively and critically, and to investigate questions beyond those directly addressed by the curriculum. Further, we believe that when children feel ownership of and accountability for their learning, they are likely to extend it beyond their formal schooling to become true lifelong learners.

Our philosophy at Sabot at Stony Point is rooted in our view of the child, which in turn leads to beliefs about learning and teaching, and to decisions about program and curriculum.

Our View of the Child
We believe that children are born thinkers and theorists who, from their earliest months, observe and experiment in order to understand their world. Children are naturally curious and creative, motivated to acquire knowledge and to seek understanding by developing, testing, and refining theories. We believe that these dispositions, when nurtured and sustained, contribute powerfully to learning and understanding.

Our Beliefs About Teaching
Teachers are both guides and fellow travelers in the collaborative learning process. They are responsible for preparing the learning environment; posing questions; conducting careful observations; listening deeply; documenting work; using documentation to help students revisit and extend their thinking; scaffolding student work by contributing information and skills; linking students to resources that might support their investigations; and making students’ learning visible to themselves and others.

We view teaching not as a static set of skills, but as a dynamic process, visible in our culture of research on and commitment to teaching. Our teachers are researchers as well, learning constantly from one another, contributing expertise and insights through mentoring, observation, and co-construction. External research and resources are crucial to teachers’ work, but much of the faculty development that defines – and enhances – our practice takes place internally and in ongoing fashion, as teachers share perspectives, take risks, offer constructive criticism, encourage and motivate one another in a climate of mutual interest and respect.

Our Beliefs About Curricula and Program
We believe that children’s spirit of inquiry, as well as their investment in and ownership of work, are sustained when adults treat their interests and questions with seriousness and respect – not least by devoting the time needed to fully realize an investigation or project. Careful choices about curriculum content and breadth also contribute to these goals. We favor concepts and questions that • help students to acquire the tools of research in a variety of disciplines; • help students to achieve specified learning objectives; • yet provide latitude for students to explore related questions and themes.

Our Community
Community played an especially important role in the Sabot School’s history: the school was established by a group of parents seeking a progressive educational alternative for their preschool-age children, and remained parent-governed until the merger. At the heart of the Sabot School’s vision, as it evolved over the years, lay a belief in individual responsibility, respect for others, and a commitment to the community as a whole. These values abide today: we believe that a supportive and respectful community is the foundation of our school. Sabot at Stony Point is a learning community where knowledge and understanding are constructed in collaboration with others; it is a democratic community where everyone teaches and everyone learns. We value relationships and cultivate connections.

Our size facilitates this culture: we are large enough that each division forms its own community, but small enough to foster cross-division interaction and relationships. For the 2016-2017 academic year, our community includes 153 families and 51 faculty and staff members. Our preschool has 40 students, 101 are enrolled in our lower school, and 49 in our middle school. Our families represent a range of racial, ethnic, religious, occupational and socio-economic backgrounds. Both our culture of community and our commitment to inclusiveness are reflected in our policy of admitting students and administering financial aid without regard to race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.

To learn more about a Sabot at Stony Point education, please browse the links at left, register for an Information Session, or contact Maggie Barrett, our Director of Admissions. We look forward to welcoming your family to our community!